Pescheria con Cottura



Via di Mocenigo 23, 73100 Lecce (LE)

+39 0832 098366



This simple but fun place follows the idea of the ‘Braceria’, which is a butcher where you select your meat at the counter and let the staff grill it for you. Here at Pescheria con cottura it’s done exactly that way but with fish. You select the fish and/or seafood you like and tell them how you want it to be prepared (raw, grilled, fried). Then you go order your drinks and side dishes that will be brought to the table. Once your fish is ready, you can pick it up at the counter.

The place is run by the owner of the Mantateluré hotel that offers beautiful rooms. Pescheria con cottura wins with its relaxed atmosphere, the innovative concept and great interiors.


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