Oleificio Ligorio




Strada Provinciale Villa Castelli,
 72013 Ceglie Messapica (BR)

+39 0831 384879




October/November is one of the most important times in Puglia as the olive harvest and oil pressing starts around end of October. But it depends a lot on the weather when exactly the harvest starts. This year in autumn Puglia got a lot of rain, which favored an earlier harvest. Those who want to have an oil of excellent quality do the pressing early, also if the amount of oil will be less than when waiting longer. After the disastrous harvest of the previous year, we saw the trees full of olives this year which will be a relief for all the olive farmers that where suffering from the bad conditions in 2014.

End of October, we were at the Oleificio Ligorio, one of the local Frantoio’s and the place where we usually buy our oil in tanks of several litres. We were lucky enough to be there the first day they started pressing the olives and what a delicious fruity smell was in the production hall! It was great to be able to follow the process of the pressing and at the end of the production chain see the final all natural product flowing into the tanks. The farmers usually wait in the hall and observe the production of their oil.

As the oil had just been pressed and not filled into the tanks yet, we were lucky enough to get a 5l tank of unfiltered olive oil. It’s a little denser than the one you usually are able to get from the stores. It is very green and you can literally taste the pure health of it. If you want to read more about the benefits of olive oil, you can find additional information here.

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