Although Limoncello is not from Puglia originally, it is widely spread across the region. Almost every restaurant offers you a Limoncello after your dinner and often it is homemade. So there are as many different versions and recipes according to the many tastes out there. We especially like this one:


1/2 lt. alcohol
450 ml water
450 g sugar
6 large lemons

Wash the lemons and peel off the skin thinly, avoiding the white parts. Put the lemon skins in the alcohol and let them “sit” for about 10 days. After 10 days mix the sugar with the water until it melts (some people use cold water, some warm water). Important: the sugar has to be melted completely!

With a cotton tissue, separate the alcohol from the lemon skins. Then mix the sugar-water with the alcohol. Ready!

Limoncello should be served really cold. My husband swears on keeping a bottle in the freezer or at least to freeze little shot glasses before serving the Limoncello. I have to admit it does the trick!


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16th May 2015

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