Braceria Soleti




Via Brindisi 115
72014 Casalini di Cisternino (BR)

+39 080 444 7366



A dinner at a braceria is a unique experience and one only for meat lovers. The braceria is kind of a butcher in form of a simple restaurant where you can sit and enjoy the meat that they grill for you. Cisternino is the capital of bracerie and this outdoor one is our favourite. It is very basic with plastic tables and chairs and nothing fancy but the atmosphere is great. If you get there early, as we did for Italian standards, you will see how quick the place is to fill up so booking a table is recommended.

Once you got your table you go to the counter and choose your pieces of meat. They will then grill them for you and serve them with a fresh green salad and really good french fries. We love the bombette and the salsicce. And the fries of course!


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