Al Trabucco da Mimi




Localitá Punta San Nicola, 71010 Peschici (Gargano)

+39 0884 962556



Having a meal at Al Trabucco da Mimi is a truly memorable experience. The Trabucco, which is a wooden structure used for fishing right off the coast, is still family owned and has been turned into a restaurant many years ago. They started off with serving cold drinks and grilled fish. Now you can enjoy a full freshly cooked meal whilst relaxing in the sun. The structure has been kept original and is still used for fishing. This together with the amazing views, combined with the fresh fish and nice people make eating at the Trabucco such a special experience.

You order your food at the counter, grab your drinks and find one of the simple wooden tables overlooking the sea and rocky coast. The dishes will be brought to your table by the charming grand sons of Mimi who is still active on the Trabucco himself.

Make sure to book at table early enough and call to ask if they are open if the weather isn’t great. Visitors may even help with the fishing. Check the Trabucco’s website for more details.

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