Mangia, mangia! A widely heard expression throughout Italy and especially in Puglia, Italy’s heel. Eating is one of the most important things in Italy. Everyone knows these stories of hours long lunches and dinners where the whole family gets together,¬†with endless amounts of courses. And guess what – it’s true! We have literally spent 8 hours of eating during a wedding and after course number seven I felt like exploding. In the meantime I have learned not to stuff myself already with the antipasti but instead leave some space to try also the other dishes.

Our love for the region of Apulia and the amazing food are the reasons why we created Mangiapuglia. In the blog section we share recipes and food-related experiences but we will also try to provide recommendations on where to go or what to do in Puglia. It should serve as a source for everyone who  wants to discover this beautiful region.

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