About me

Born in Germany but of Dutch origin, living in Switzerland since my childhood, I grew up in a pretty international environment. I got to know Puglia through my Apulian husband and fell in love with both. Since we met, we visited Puglia many, many times, enjoying the mild climate, the amazing food, the beautiful landscapes and kindness of the people. Last year we also started to restructure our Trullo.

To me the local Pugliese food is one of the best in the world. It is diverse, stars a lot of fresh seafood but also many vegetarian dishes. And to round it off, it features incredible tasty sweets. Eating out in Puglia is a true pleasure and value for money is exceptional. Only very few times we were disappointed but much more often we were astonished how even the most basic places provide incredibly tasty food. Besides that, there are a lot of places that sell their products directly and in summer you will find many food festivals throughout Apulia focussing on a special dish or type of food. In short: if you like to discover and if you appreciate simple but fresh food, Puglia is for you!

This blog is a collection of restaurants, bars, producers and shops that we personally visited and liked and should serve as a food guide for anyone interested in Puglia. If you pass and find that things changed in the meantime, I’d appreciate a note! Of course also any other feedback is welcome.


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